About Us



The Zouzouli family welcomes you to the village of ROVIES on the Island of Evia and is proud to present you the family runned apartments they have build with a lot of personal effort in 2006.

Greek Hospitality

Their warm genuine Greek hospitality will be appreciated while the beautiful surroundings where the blue of the Aegean mixes with the particular green color of olive trees will tease your senses.

You will be amazed of the variety the location offers to your vacation.

Short day trips to museums, villages and towns, visit olive groves (the owner has one!) and wineries.

For the more active among us a lot of sports at sea and shore can be performed at nearby locations.

How your day can be at Zouzouli apartments only by foot.


Wake up after a relaxed night sleep, the problem is to take a refreshing dive at the beautiful inviting sea that is located at my feet now or after the home made breakfast?


Lunch time so walk to the village which is a stone throw away but the problem is what to eat? There are so many taverns to choose…


Siesta time, take a nap on the beach or in the cool environment of the apartment?


Coffee or longdrink? Private balcony or terrace? Children play football at 5x5 field or play on the beach? Difficult decisions….


The passarela starts…which means that the whole village puts on their best cloths and walk the boulevard up and down. The only problem is what to wear…


A snack at the cafeteria or diner at some picturesque tavern….Mmmm that tastes delicious…


What a busy day….Kalinichta! which means goodnight…